Former Magistrate / Head of Secret Police


Alsindor is a tall, stately elf. His salt-and-pepper hair is sometimes considered dashing. Lately though, he looks famished as he’s been missing a lot of meals.


Alsindor started his long career in the position of barrister, and quickly decided that such a post didn’t fit his need for control. Once he became a magistrate, he embarked on a campaign to keep Regton safe from magical influence and danger. He worked to discover monsters and mages at work inside Regton’s walls. Those who he thought were controllable and useful were sent to Gloomwrought for safe-keeping. Those who weren’t, he slew. His career was thrown into disarray on what he thought would be the night of his greatest triumph.

After the death of Mayor Demare, Alsindor conspired to gain the vacated post, seeking to lead Regton into a new future as leader of the Free States against foreign influences. He planned to eliminate both of his rivals in the race and dispatch the Adventurer’s Vault with application of deadly force by his police. The fallout of that night is still taking effect, as Alsindor languishes in prison, grudgingly revealing his plots and awaiting a trial.


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