Former Ambassador from Shikarn


Bezoar was an average, middle-aged statesman. He was a bit large for his build, balding, and had a charming smile. Those who knew him thought of him as a lovable rogue.


When Bezoar was young, he ran with a group of thieves in Shikarn’s poor district. This turned out to be his undoing later in life, as during a furtive raid into the grounds of Markan’s Emporium he fell into a bath of residuum. This short exposure changed his being, with the mass of his brain being transformed into a crystalline mash.

He lived for several decades after that, achieving status in Shikarn’s political class and eventually being assigned as Ambassador to Regton, where he became fast friends with Demare. After the Inheritance Day Ball hosted by the Mayor, his affliction was finally exposed with his messy death, the exact cause of which remains not completely explained.


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