Soldier in the service of Bane; died attacking Regton's Necropolis


Gilhead is currently a ghostly form, exemplifying in insubstantial glory the might of a soldier of Bane. He seems young, hard-edged, and armed to the teeth.


Gilhead spent his entire life in devoted service to the forces of Bane. When Bane’s army crashed against the forces of Pelor and Moradin at the Necropolis, Gilhead led a troop into the tombs to desecrate and rob the tomb of Delinos, a great dwarven hero. He died to the traps of the tomb, and his spirit lingered on. After countless years of believing he was just a moment away from achieving his goal, he met Terios, Gladeus, and Eldac Stoneforge. These tomb-explorers did what he couldn’t, and discovered the identity of the tomb’s occupant, which had been lost since the war. Afterwards, they showed him the truth of the Necropolis, with Banites and “lesser” worshippers living in peace and celebration. He has been trying to come to terms with his existence ever since.


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