Founder, Owner, and Operator: Markan's Emporium


Markan is seldom seen without a flashy suit of some sort. Beyond that, his striking facial structure and well-kept blackish hair, he can commonly be identified by his manner of making an entrance. Most in the world view him as a spokesman for Markan’s Emporium, thinking that the actual Markan is a decrepit wizard. He rarely appears to carry weapons or tools, but always seems to have what he needs at the moment.


Nothing is known about Markan’s life before the Emporium, and little is known about what he has been up to since. His factory appeared one day, many decades ago, in the poorer district of Shikarn. Before long, it started to send out wagonloads of magical items, though just small portions of his catalog have become universal necessities. His Golden Demon competition, with the grand prize being a tour of his factory, attracted world-wide attention, despite the recipients of the prize being near total unknowns.

In his private life, Markan seems full of contradictions. He keeps dangerous creatures and devices inside his factory, allows others to use his creations to fulfill crimes or cause their own demise. He also agitates against war privately, and tinkers with his healing potion recipes constantly, trying to balance the ability to save lives with the ability of criminals to ignore consequences of violent acts.

He has a tendency to be in unexpected places at unexpected times, and those who know him are never quite sure when he is listening in.


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