Empire Options

Copied from the document Bobby sent out on March 25th


What To Choose

Just like for the magic items requests, I’m going to be dividing the levels into sub-tiers.
Your ST is a number that will be referenced in a few sections

PC Level ST
1-5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-25 5
26-30 6

Each sub-tier, you will get either two or three benefit choices. Choose that many options
on this front page (you may double up with yourself or others), then go to those sections
to customize them.

General Principles

Whatever you choose, it will make an impact on the standard portions of the game. The
use of these benefits in the round-robin portion is left up to that DM, but the default will
be “no.”

Each choice will come with just enough staff to make it function properly but not much
more. For instance, a Mansion will have servants and cooks and perhaps a butler, but
the butler will not be able to also manage your spice trade and your house guards will
not be a big help in a war.

In each section, I will provide some examples of how to build and describe the choices.
In those example, Fathar is a double-fictional character and those examples do not yet
‘exist’. The rest do.


When you first buy the people option, you gain an affiliated group and 3 points to buy up
that group’s qualities. Each subsequent time you purchase it, you can gain another
group of the same points value as your existing groups, or gain 2 points to upgrade your
group’s qualities.

Descriptor Bonus Points Max Quality Value Loyalty
Contact 3 ST + 2 Will risk lives if forced.
Ally 1 ST + 1 Will risk lives for cause.
Follower 0 ST Will risk lives.

For these tables of qualities, the default for column is the zero row. Spending a point
moves one column to the next row.

Strength Scope Numbers Resources Strangeness
0 Everyman Slum Single man Struggling Men and Elves
1 Soldiers Large City Squad Content Drow and Orcs
2 Adventurers Geographic Region Guild Profiteering Magical Beasts
3 Elite Troops Large Nation Town Exploitative Giants and Demons
4 Planar Heroes Entire World Army Filthy Rich Dragons
5 Legendary Forces The Planes Entire Nation Unmatched Abomination

Scope is the area where the group feels like it can operate with impunity.

Example 1: Fathar’s Fists are a gang of thieves that menace Regton’s streets. They
know how to handle a knife and get things down, but since they put all their efforts into
Fathar’s tasks must crash on his friends’ couches often. They are ST 1 un-upgraded
Followers, with Strength, Scope and Numbers equal to 1. Points spent = 3.

Example 2: The Fellowship of Man is a hit new religion. Popular with the poor (who exist
everywhere), its adherents share information and benefits readily if their founder Fathar
shows his special seal. Unbeknownst to them, their induction will transform each into a
satyr soon.They are ST 3 Contacts, upgraded 3 times. They have Strength 0, Scope 4,
Numbers 5, Resources 0, and Strangeness 3. Points spent = 9.


When you buy the strongholds option, you may either start a new stronghold or upgrade
an existing one started by you or another character. In either case you get 5 points to
spend on the stronghold’s various qualities. Note that this section will be expanded as
more options are discovered/invented.

Point Cost 1 2 3 5 7 10
Rooms 1 3 6 10 20 30
Location Points Condition Points
Urban +0 Poor 0
Deserted Area +1 Average 1
Underdark +2 Good 3
Nearby Plane +3 Advanced 5
Distant Plane +4 State-of-the-art 10

To buy rooms, you must have an available room in the stronghold and pay the points

Room Name Cost
Command Room +1
Stables +2 per 20 horses
Vehicle Dock +2 per vehicle
Library/Lab +1
Medical Area +2
Personal Quarters +2 for five rooms
Prison Area +1 per three cells
Housing for other Empire Options +0
Teleportation Circle +4
Kitchen +1
Upgrade Cost
Escape Route +1
Camouflage +2
Fortified +3

In addition, you can use a single point to buy a lair-type magic item within your ST.


When you buy the cities option, you either gain a new city and can spend 4 points on its
qualities, or use 4 points to upgrade an existing city. These cities do not have any
special allegiance to you; for that, but the People option. There is no limit based on your
level for each quality, except that if you upgrade Size to 2, you must wait until the next
sub-tier to upgrade it past that level.

Size Influence Happiness Production
0 Village Fleeting Miserable Consumer
1 Trading Post Regional Disaffected Self-Sustaining
2 Boom Town Far-Reaching Content Exporter
3 City Famed Proud Thriving
4 Regional Capital Historical Patriotic Juggernaut

Example 1: In Shikarn, the large populace is generally unhappy, but Markan’s foundries
bring business in record numbers. Because he is apolitical, though, other nations and
cities do not worry about stepping on Shikarn’s toes. Shikarn has Size 3, Influence 0,
Happiness 1, and Production 4. Points spent = 8.

Example 2: Seeing a need for a trade town to move goods back and forth between this
world and the Feywild, Fathar starts a small community to police the world-border.
Treemeet’s laws and location make it a prime destination for opportunists, but it relies
on this trade to keep its citizens from cutting all the throats they can find. Treemeet has
Size 2, Influence 2, Happiness 0 and Production 0. Points spent = 4.

Resource Sites

When you buy the resource sites option, you gain six points that you can use to either
set up new sites or upgrade old ones. When establishing a new site, you may buy its
Amount up to 2, but must wait until the next sub-tier to upgrade the Amount to 3.

Scarcity Amount
0 Commonplace Niche Provider
1 Luxury Good Exploitable Source
2 Coveted Lucrative Supply
3 Treasured Uniquity Inexhaustible Trove

Example 1: Markan’s Residuum River is by far the greatest concentration of residuum in
the planes. It has Scarcity 2 and Amount 3. Points spent = 5.

Example 2: To complete his influence on the upper class of Regton, Fathar begins
producing six different luxury goods, each with Scarcity 1 and Amount 0. Once they take
hold, he will upgrade each to Amount 1 and expand. Points spent = 6, then 12.

Trade Routes

When you buy this option, you can form new trade routes or gain control over existing
ones. Each time you buy it, form or control two connections between relatively distant sites.

Without this option, you are still able to conduct trade, but will not be able to expand or
control it well.

Example: With one purchase of Trade Routes, Fathar gains control over the Shikarn-Regton highway, and also constructs a new route between Sul Pele and a newly rediscovered Underdark city. He doesn’t need to connect Regton to his factory in a suburb, since the distance isn’t very great.

Knowledge Sources

When you buy this option, you gain a source of knowledge. These can be spies,
libraries, sages and gossips. Each source gives a +3 (non-stackable) bonus to a
specific information-gathering style skill given some time to work in game. Beyond just a
numerical bonus, they can be used to learn things that simple inspection in the middle
of combat wouldn’t be sufficient to learn.


When you buy this option, you gain one relic. A relic can be a thing, place or sometimes
even a creature with widely-known mystic significance, and perhaps some secret
properties. You can either choose something you already own, or find or procure a new
relic. People who are interested in what the relic represents will travel from far around to
see or experience it, and will look upon its owner or guardian fondly.

Example 1: Markan has used his reputation and business to turn his magical factory into
a relic; many people are enamored with the possibility of someday seeing inside it.

Example 2: Fathar finds the lost sword of an Eladrin Emperor; along with its inherent
magical properties, the sword earns him the grudging respect of the Eladrin people
wherever he finds them.


When you buy this option, one notable aspect of your character or group is shrouded in
secrecy. This is accomplished either via stealth, subterfuge, misinformation, bribes or
etc. You do not need to purchase this to establish something such as a secret
investment or business trip; it is meant for things such as secretly being the mayor or
hiding an entire city.


This option represents effort spent where there is little tangible benefit to you besides a
reputation. While your other actions contribute to your reputation, with this option you
influence people’s views of you with more scope, control and efficiency. This reputation
can be either true or unearned; the costs and benefits are the same.

Example: Fathar wants a reputation as a thuggish businessman. He can gain this by
bruising up his less-cooperative partners, or by hiring people to spread stories of similar,
fictitious assaults.


When you buy this option, you gain a position in society that has a certain number of
perks and duties. Choose any of the following positions (or an equivalent), and gain the
rights and responsibilities inherent to it.

City Guard officer, licensed bureaucrat, major stakeholder in another company, official
diplomat, practicing doctor, military officer (not commander), social club member.
If you want to gain positions in an established society more important than these
options, you will have to accomplish this via in-game methods.

“Personal Growth” Feats

When you choose this option, gain two feats that are most useful for flavor. Because
there are so many feats, with many having effects on both combat and other situations,
you can use the following general guidelines. If the feat increases attacks, damage,
defenses or HP, it is right out. Similarly for any feat that grants new Powers, or improves
your class features. Feats like Ritual Casting, Mark of Scribing and Quick Draw can be
selected via this option, while Mark of Healing and Improved Initiative are right out. If
you have a question about a specific feat, feel free to email it.

Empire Options

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